Thursday, April 23, 2009

Summer is here...time for an unexpected wardrobe update.

So it has been s oooo hot the last couple of days and I have discovered that I have not appropriate summer clothes for work. So what did I do? I dragged myself down to the outlets in Carlsbad and of course just ended up getting clothes from Banana Republic. Now, you must now that I do not consider myself a "colorful" person by any means. It is a joke with my sisters that our "uniform" is a black top with crisp jeans, which of course looks great on everyone. So, imagine my surprise when I walked into Banana Republic and loved everything I got my hands on. So I went out of my typical choices and and styles and got some great new additions to my professional and casual wardrobe including of course the staple of a black pencil skirt. And being the PLAIN JANE that I am, I did stick with solids of course. (The ironic thing is that I took this picture on my duvet cover, which is the only thing in my home with a print on it.) So a day of success for me!