Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Arriving home

(photo by treehugger.com)

Had two of the best flights I have ever had flying internationally. I finally slept on our flight from Chicago to Orange County (Thank you parents of the little girl in front of me who gave her movies to watch so she was not screaming and crying on the whole flight. I love those kinds of parents.) of which I can still feel the repercussions of in my next and shoulders from the way I had to slouch in the seat, but the sleep itself as worth it. The pain makes me think that even though those head/neck pillows look ridiculous and take up precious packing space, it might be worth it to invest in. Pick up from the airport was perfect, thanks T, and I got back got my car and drove home. (I had my dates a little off and thought I was coming home a day later forgetting that you lose a day on the way their but not on the way back. I was thankful for my mistake which meant I did not have to go to work the next morning after all.) Stopped by Target on my way home to replace my blow dryer that died on the first day in Paris, I cannot tell you how excited I am to be able to straighten my hair once again. Now off to home…

As I got off the freeway and started driving on PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) towards my place I had to stop and stare. I don’t think my town has looked anymore as lovely as it did that night. It was after sunset and the sky was dusted with red clouds oversetting the beach. Yes, southern California, you are gorgeous. I unpacked despite exhaustion from the 25-hour day. It is amazing how things come back to you so easily when you have bee gone for a month. Driving was second nature despite not having even been in a car for 30 days. Getting home and hearing you loud neighbors with their constantly going tv in their bedroom and having to close the bathroom door and turn a fan on by the bed to muffle the noise. Sticking a wedge under the bedroom door so that the door does not knock all night due to the slight breeze from having the windows open. Turing the shower on and putting it on full heat to warm up as the pipes are from the 1970’s and take forever to get heat. Speaking of showers…

After unpacking I took a long cool show and pumice-stoned my battered feet. There is really nothing like showering in your own bathroom, am I right? Used the new blow dryer only to find out that my hair straightener barely heats to a warm setting because of the wattage conversion in Paris. My straight hair will have to wait for another day. Sad, I know. Not able to keep my eyes open any longer I crawled into my bed which still was like an old pair of sneakers that fits you just right. I slept solid.

Tomorrow I must…
1. Pick up my mail that has been on hold
2. Get my hair cut
3. Chose and print pictures for the Paris photo album
4. Buy a photo album
5. Buy a new straightener
6. Should probably buy food from the store as I appear to only have 2 bottles of wine in my fridge and some frozen fish. Hmm, that would be a nice pairing with veggies and rice.
7. Possibly get a manicure if I have time and energy
8. Thinking about biking to the library for some nice alone time

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