Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fun, no-hassel wall art

So I had seen this concept forever ago and always look for them in the back of my mind. Huge (or small depending on your taste) murals of art for your walls at home. Just peel and stick and they last several years or longer depending on how you care for them. I love this idea! Not all of us can afford to have an artist come over and paint beautiful scenery on our walls and this is a solution for that and still have fun looking walls to talk about. I found the ones below on (I love that sight). Click on the pictures to check them out. And for those of you who are slightly more creative but not quite quit-your-job-and-become-an-artist level you can always use a scene projector and project a fun picture on your wall and paint the outline for a fun weekend art project. Happy decorating!

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