Monday, June 15, 2009

Paris Day 17

• Gilbert Joseph Bookstores (7 stories, 4th floor English language books)
• H & M (I had to buy a new umbrella and mine lost a spoke and was not keeping me dry)
• Lunch at Café du Marché (again because we love it there)
• E.Dehillerin (large kitchen supply store)
• Les Halles shopping mall

Sorry, no pictures today. Sometimes I just forget. I will however leave you some links to the places I went today if you are interested and I decided to give you a brief history of the quarter we are staying at in Paris. Here are the links:

Café du Marché - on Rue Cler near the Eiffel Tower

History of the Latin Quarter:
"While it may look more like the Greek Quarter today, this area is the Latin Quarter, named for the language you'd have heard on these streets if you walked them in the Middle Ages. The University of Paris (founded 1215), one of the leading educational institutions of medieval Europe, was (and still is) nearby.

A thousand years ago, the "crude" or vernacular local languages were sophisticated enough to communicate basic human needs, but if you wanted to get philosophical, the language of choice was Latin. The class of educated elite of medieval Europe transcended nations and borders. From Sicily to Sweden, they spoke and corresponded in Latin. Now the most Latin thing about this area is the beat you may hear coming from some of the subterranean jazz clubs."

- Rick Steve's

Rue Mouffetard (our street):
Just down the street from the Pantheon and a quick walk from the Luxembourg Gardens:
“Rue Mouffetard is one of Paris's oldest and liveliest neighborhoods. These days the area has many restaurants, shops, and cafés, and a regular open market… It is closed to normal motor traffic much of the week, and is predominantly a pedestrian avenue.”
- Wikipedia

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