Saturday, June 20, 2009

Paris Day 22

Saturday is one of the biggest days in Paris for farmer's markets or Parisian street markets. We hit up 3 today as they close by 1pm usually. They have so many things there from clothing to vegetables, breads, fish, cheese, yogurt, flowers, and art. It is a great place for groceries, colorful pictures, and to people watch. I bought a vanilla chocolate chip muffin today, which was absolutely amazing, and now I am sad I did not buy more. I hope the lady is there next week so I can buy more to gobble up! Here is a pic the exact muffin I ate. Yummy.

I must say that my favorite things at the farmer's markets are flowers. Every girl needs flowers. The ones I really like are the peonies. I must buy a bunch of them and have them at home. They are just so tender and vibrant at the same time. See below for a couple shots I snapped today.

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  1. So glad you stopped by my blog b/c I've fallen instantly in love with yours. Your photography is beautiful. I'm both jealous and, now, a little hungry!