Sunday, June 21, 2009

Paris Day 23

Good morning Pigeon who likes to coo outside my bedroom window every morning. Nice to see you again Warm Shower. Hello there fresh cut up Melon and Yogurt for breakfast. And I am off! Hello Pavement beneath my feet. It has been a few hours, but I am back now. Nice to see you again Farmer’s Market. Yes I would like to purchase your homemade English muffins. Hi pavement, I am back. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, Happy Father’s Day Dad! Glad you made it to Paris safely. Trod, trod, trod. Here we are Tulleries Garden, here to have a picnic on your grass. Thanks for the amazing blue skies and view of the Eiffel Tower. No thank you Little Birds, I have no food for you. Saunter, saunter, saunter. Thank you St. Magdalenae for your free choir concert. Sorry I could only stay for a bit. Trek, trek, trek. Look, see, watch. Amble, amble, amble. Good night Jan and dad. See you tomorrow at lunch. Mosey, mosey, mosey. I am back, Home. Did you miss me? Sorry Feet, I will try not to abuse you so much tomorrow. Aw Water, why do you make me feel so much better and yet there is nothing to you? Yawn, too early to greet you Bed?

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