Monday, June 22, 2009

Paris Day 24

My dad and I walking around Paris. Might be one of the very few pictures in which we are serious. I guess we are both what you can call picture hams.

A willow tree (my favorite) and a little pond next to the Eiffel Tower.

A pretty cool building that had plants growing on the entire front of it. The picture cannot do it justice.

A statue we came across in our walk in which artichoke plants were growing on either side of it. Pretty cool.

I might have a little obsession with lion statues. I liked this angle of it and the sky in the background.

Had to stop by Harry's Bar and hang out. My dad loved the bathrooms there and said they were state of the art. He kept talking about it and we told him he should start a Paris bathroom blog.

Oh little red Vespa, one day you will be mine.

A pretty cool storefront window for a chocolate shop. It is more like art than food.

Fountains, fountains, everywhere.

Walking up to the side of the Louvre.

People just chilling in the Tulleries Garden. We sat for a bit and talked and read.

All of you Da Vinci Code buffs, here is the North/South marker in the Louvre courtyard...

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