Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Paris Day 26

"Can I offer you some gelato?" It was the least I could offer after all it was my idea to go on another bike ride where we may or may not have found ourselves on an "experimental farming" site where we may or may not have been chased by a low flying crop duster plane a few times and we may or may not have had a warning shot fired. But I pedaled through the wheat field and found a broken part of the fence where we were able to get back onto one of the other paths. In our defense, the "experimental farming" gate was wide open and appeared to be another divergent path and so how we to know the path ends in the middle of a field too far out to turn back? It was actually fun riding through the field and no harm no fowl. The coup de grâce was when one of my sisters said, "You know, I am actually glad I went on this bike ride." Ha! I knew it. So after our picnic lunch, walking, and biking some more of the grounds at Versailles we went back to the apartment for a quick siesta and then off to meet up with my dad and Jan for a drink, followed by dinner, and then drinks and crème glacée (ice cream). Walked back home and it was 11:30pm. Where did the day go? Yawn, off to bed...

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