Thursday, June 25, 2009

Paris Day 27

Good news, bad news. Good news: Engelbert is dead. Bad news: Frank is not. What? Englebert, so named by my sister and I after a joke from Eddie Izzard, was the lovely mosquito that got into our bedroom and has been attacking and disturbing us for the last few nights. Well this morning I killed the beast. Take that. Frank however, the name we gave to the fatty fatty pigeon that sits in the tree outside our bedroom window and making cooing noises every morning between 6ish and 8:30am was still hear to greet us this morning.

Yada yada yada

Went to dinner at a place at the end of the street where we are staying called Cave La Bourgogne. We had eaten there for breakfast before and when walking a different route home last night saw that it was packed with people so we thought we would try it for dinner tonight. We got there just in time as the place maxed out almost instantaneously. We ordered and had some of the best food we have had on the trip. I even ate escargot and loved it! Yummy. It has the texture of mushrooms and the sauce it was in was divine. We all but licked the bowl it came in. Such a fun night and we are planning on hitting it up one more time before we leave (in just a few days, sad).

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  1. Well,you should have told the mosquito to attack the pigeon. :P