Saturday, June 13, 2009

Paris...a dialogue

Today is the first day I truly feel tired. It is the 15th day here in Paris and it has been packed. Everyday has been filled with good food, amazing places, and miles of walking (jogging and biking sometimes too). Today was no exception. Despite it being Saturday I got up early to discover my oldest sister getting ready for the day. She asked if I would like to join in for breakfast at a café and then to hit up the "spice market". I willing agreed, as if she needed to ask if I wanted to go to a spice market. I got dressed and informed my middle sister where to meet us once she was ready. Out the door and headed in the direction of our favorite breakfast café, Café Leá, I could already tell that today was going to be hotter than it had been. The weather has been gorgeous, even this last week with the occasional showers, which I happen to love. Our café appeared to be closed to we changed course and headed back to a café closer to our street to catch our other sister on her way to meet us. The food and hot chocolate were just as good, but the feel was not as fun. Enjoying our breakfast we discovered just how hot the day was going to get and decided to leave the cardigans at the apartment. Then off to the "spice market". I say it like this because it was recommended to my sister as such when in actuality is was just another farmer's market that happens to have a few cool spice booths which of course we were very happy about. After walking around, taking pictures, and eventually buying so things including hummus and flat bread (hmm, that is not French) we headed off for a quick trip to H&M and then to take a boat ride on the Seine. We walked to the dock which was almost to the Eiffel Tower, and got on the bateau mauches for €10 (not the €7 Rick Steve's had said, but his book is a couple of year's old). The tour was relaxing and nice, maybe too relaxing as I discovered how worn out I was. I kept nodding my head and falling asleep. Combine the warm sun, a gentle breeze and the hum of a large boat and well, you do the math. Our tour ended and I knew I needed to go back and take a nap. We hoped on the metro (I was too tired to walk back the couple miles we had walked earlier) and we got back around 5pm. My oldest sister headed out to the park and my middle sister said she would meet up with her around 6:15. I took a 30-minute nap and felt better, but still tired. Not just physically, but mentally. I live alone (and enjoy it) and living for a month with 2 other people is a big transition. My middle sister called my name as she was by the door and I told her I was opting to stay in. Something about having alone time in your own quarters is even better than a cup of coffee or a nap to me. I read email, news, caught up on some blogs, and even got to chat on AIM with a friend from home. I went into the kitchen and cleaned up a bit putting clean dishes away and washing the few we had set in the sink from cutting up vegetables from the market and our fresh baguette. I decided to sit down in the kitchen and just think. Scratching my forehead I realized I had received a little sunburn from the day's boat ride and would need to do something about it before bed. I don't mind that I stayed in tonight. I am sure I am missing some fun stories right now, but I am recharging for another day. I sit here by the kitchen window with my cup of soothing peppermint tea listening to Charlie Parker on my laptop just thinking life is good.

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