Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Things I wish I had brought to Paris with me (or just miss)

Ok, ok, Paris is amazing but it is not perfect here. Here is a list of things I miss or wish I would have packed.

(photo from http://www.scoutbase.org)
1. Straight hair – my sister shorted the hair dryer the first day due to the electrical conversion (not her fault as hair dryer said it would work over here) and the straightener gets way too hot (I burnt a chunk of my hair off discovering that tid bit). The rest of the trip my hair will be semi-curly so pictures will not be as great as I had hoped. Bummer.
2. Homemade tea – coffee and tea at a café is delicious and fun but sometimes you don’t want to be out drinking tea and you don’t want to spend €2.50 for hot water and a tea bag. All three of us enjoy tea and we are out already. Grrrr….should have packed more.
3. My own computer battery charger – My sister and I decided to share one and unfortunately our computers run low at the same time and we are left waiting while the other charges to use our computer in which we blog and save pictures and email friends and family.
4. More shoes – when I pack for trips I take for work I take at least 4 pair of shoes with me and that is usually only for 2-4 days at a time. Here I only brought 3 pair and now I am wishing I had brought more because you just need to switch it up and some outfits really look better with some of my colorful flats I have back home.
5. Not bringing new shoes – I brought a pair of cute Euro walking flats and they were fine to walk in for a little bit, but not for the amount of walking we do here. I got so many blisters with them that I was wearing my sandals for a few days as an “I’m sorry” to my feet for the punishment I put them through. Next time I am going with tried and true shoes.
6. Not bringing movies or other books – when you are gone for a month there is guarantee downtime and a nice book at a café or a movie on a night you want to stay in would be nice. (Netflix instant viewing does not work overseas. Boooo)

Things I am glad I packed:
1. Nail file kit and nail polish
2. Warm fuzzy socks for around the apartment
3. An umbrella
4. Computer. Tons of useful research on website for places we decided we wanted to check out.
5. Rick Steve’s Paris book. I thought that my sisters and I were prepared enough and a friend gave this to me right before I left and I decided to take it along. So glad! He has other little tid bits and extra things that you would only know once you experienced it or were forewarned by another traveler such as the weird train schedule and bus schedule for Monet’s Gardens or the funky Paris Roller Bladers underground club that you can watch.
6. Band-aids for my blistery feet

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