Thursday, July 2, 2009

Who thought I would ever want to garden?

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Let me explain. I grew up with a mother who as a punishment would make my sisters and I go out into the garden, in 100 degree weather mind you, and weed. Not just weed, but weed in a large backyard that was NEVER taken care of and had dirt as hard as rocks. I would get dirty, sweaty, foxtails in my shoes, and come back with a sore back. Punishment was a nice way of saying what we did. So needless to say whenever I think of gardening I think "count me out!" Why would I purposefully choose to punish myself as an adult? Well parents do what they think is best which is not always right. My eldest sister has grown to actually love gardening and has become a certified Master Gardener. My middle sister and I have still held on to that self-evident truth that the garden is bad...well, that is until recently. I really enjoy eating healthily because I feel it tastes better and it makes me feel better. I took a little trip up to San Lusi Obispo with one of my sisters where we walked around and ate at people's houses where their salads were straight from the garden. WHAT?! I had a salad with broccoli in it and actually liked it! (Broccoli was the one vegetable I hated.) The more research I did and the more I thought about it I realized that I would love to have a vegetable/fruit/herb/flower garden of my own. It takes a lot of work and you can't just take off time when you want because your plants are depending on you, but the reward outweighs the bad and I think it is worth it to me.

Not only would I be making a healthier choice for my diet in reducing the amount of chemicals I take in from my food, but I would also be adding to a better ozone layer as I would be harvesting plants that put oxygen back into the air and try to cut down on the growing CO2 in our ozone which is speeding up global warming. Just think, if everyone out there had their own garden of even herb plants in their home how much better our air quality would be and how we would actually be slowing down global warming?


  1. Jane, look into Square Foot Gardening. I switched to it from convention row gardening because I was so tired of fighting with weeds!

    I think that you'll truly enjoy it! Watch one of my videos if you want to see how it is set up. Then go to the official website,

    We've been enjoying wonderful salads from the garden for about a month. I just cut 4 small heads of broccoli... wow are they fantastic!!! Nothing like the grocery store ones with their harsh bite.... but a wonderful mild taste!

    Best wishes as you enjoy your gardening experience!

  2. Thanks for the tips. I think that sounds perfect for me to try. I will post when I move and get settled and try to track the whole process. :-)