Thursday, August 20, 2009

The park where I run

Yes I am running again after a year hiatus due to a little foot injury. I am not going to talk to you about the Nike+ chip in this post, but I will just say it is worth more than its weight in gold. So moving up to Northern California has afforded me the opportunity to be close to some pretty cool parks to run though. I have recently started another Nike challenge on the Nike website and am motivated to get back into the sport and to increase me speed. (I have to start all over from the beginning as it has been so long since I actually ran.) Needless to say, these parks have made the new challenge even more enjoyable than I had anticipated. I even came face to face with two deer the other night that took my breath away. Less than 20 feet away were these amazing creatures starring me straight in the eye. Wild berries growing everywhere as though they were natures weeds. Lakes, people fishing, dusty dirt trails, mountain bikers, all things great in the outdoors. I decided to take some pictures at the last minute and grabbed my phone from the car. Here are just a few shots I got along the way. Tip from a friend (which I didn't know): don't eat the berries below waist-level as guys tend to pee in the bushes because unlike girls when they need to go they go anywhere. Yes, I am frowning as I type this statement but I do hope you enjoy the pictures. (You can click on the pictures to make them bigger.)

(Might have gone a little too far this day. But hey, no pain no gain.)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

First Day In Santa Rosa

This was the email I sent to friends and family and got back such an overwhelming response to it that I decided to post it here. Enjoy!

I made it up to Northern California Monday night after checking out of Dana Point for the last time. Tuesday morning, with the help of a few people, I unloaded the moving van which was much easier than loading it up. As my dad and his girlfriend were up here with me instead of unpacking right away I decided to spend the day with them and get to know my new home. We went to breakfast at the Omelet Express in downtown Santa Rosa. The name speaks for itself and needless to say I had leftovers the next morning and it was still delicious. Then off to the Windsor Golf Course for a quick 9 holes of golf with my new roommate Becky, my dad, and his girlfriend. This was the first time I have actually played and let me just say that if this CPA thing doesn’t work out I might just become a professional golfer. The course was gorgeous and I am planning on going a lot more often. After golf we headed on down to the Korbel winery where we took the tour, sampled, and then sat under the redwoods across from the vineyard and had tapas. I am sorry, but my words fail when it comes to describing the peace and slender Korbel had to offer. If you are ever up here I highly suggest visiting. Being later in the day and realizing we had skipped lunch we headed over to the nearby town Healdsburg to the Healdsburg Bar & Grill. There was a little bit of a wait, most likely corresponding with the park right across from the restaurant having a music festival in which it appeared the whole town had come out to listen and picnic. Dinner was delicious and the conversation was lively. We headed back a little after 9pm and when I got home I had all but blinked and was sound asleep. I would say a pretty good first day up here in Santa Rosa.

Sally, our tour guide, at the Korbel Winery.

Cabernet soaked white cheddar.

Mixed Greek olives and roasted beets. Yummy!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Things I learned from moving

1. Bar Keeper's Friend is the best cleaner out there.
2. Moving boxes at Home Depot are 97 cents if you can't get them free off of
3. Moving vans are more expensive than you would think (also heard that just because you have a reservation does not guarantee you a van)
4. Moving parties are a good idea. You get help moving and get a chance to say goodbye.
5. Pack yourself a suitcase to live out of for a couple days until you are all unpacked in your new place
6. Label your boxes for the room they are to be put in so that they will be set there when taken out of the truck and easier to unpack.
7. Number each box and make a spreadsheet of what is in each to keep track of your belongings in case you need to access something
8. Take pictures of your old place on the exit walk through to guarantee your safety deposit check back
9. When changing your address don't forget about credit cards, banks, registrar of voters, DMV, magazine subscriptions, AAA, Netflix, etc.
10. Go on and sign up for easy mail forwarding