Tuesday, September 29, 2009

30 day trail

Yes, I did it…but only for a trial 30 days. As you might recall from my previous blog entry, Vegetarianism...sort of, I have been thinking about becoming a vegetarian for quite some time and I recently decided to take the next step. Now I am not going full blown vegan, but rather a modified vegetarian meaning that I still can eat eggs and fish. 30 days is because I wanted to set a goal and also because I will be in San Francisco then and I wanted to check out a place that serves bacon doughnuts as I am sure that is a gift from God. So I thought, how hard is it to give up something for 30 days? I mean I have done lent before and I know I can go without anything if I just put my mind to it. Well, I can and am doing it, but it is a little harder than I thought. When people call you up and invite you for a dinner at their house and they are serving meatballs (so yummy) and you have to say no. Going out to dinner where the only dish without meat is a margarita pizza. Being at a Giants baseball game and not having a delicious hot dog. It really puts into perspective how much meat I used to eat. It also makes me realize how often I was putting chemically ridden meat into my body. I never want to be flippant about what I put into my body and this 30 day trial is really showing me how bad I have been. It is at the point where I am not even sure I want to eat that bacon doughnut on day 31 (gasp). I encourage you guys to do research about the health effects of eating meat and make your own decision. Either way, eating more fish in general is great for your health even if you are still eating chicken and beef. Below is a sample of my meals for the day.

(Blueberry Smoothie)
frozen blueberries
medium sized banana
peanut butter

orange roughy
spice rub
green bean salad with tomatoes and vinaigrette dressing

chili spiced dried mango
macadamia nuts

White bean pita pocket with pesto, tomatoes, and spinach

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