Friday, October 23, 2009

From seed to harvest

What did you do today? I planted my seeds. I know, I know, it is pretty late in the season to be planting, but better late than never. As you might recall from The ups and downs of today that I planted some seedlings purchased from the farmer's market recently so at least I have that going for me. Now I wanted to try growing vegetables from seed to harvest. I planted cauliflower, more spinach, butternut squash, and yellow beets. (For some reason I really like yellow version of popular vegetables. Examples: yellow peppers, yellow tomatoes, and yellow beets.) As I was planting I was referencing the back of the seed package to know how deep to plant them in the seedling containers and also how far apart to plant them when I transplant them into my garden. Tip: bring your glasses when purchasing. I just noticed that the squash plants need to be 6' (feet) apart as opposed to 6" (inches) apart which I originally thought I had read. Great, those are going to fit too well into my SFG. I however, planted the seeds and am going to try to find a new place in my backyard for them.

Pictures (t to b) (l to r):
1. Labels for my plants. (Thank you roomie for being a school teacher and having these on hand.)
2. All the tools I needed to plant minus my Brita bottle to water.
3. The seed packages. Thanks Jenny for the gift of the yellow beets.
4. Four tiny cauliflower seeds I planted.
5. The dirty bird watching me plant who better NOT get to my plants.

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