Saturday, October 10, 2009

Getting stuff ready for the week

What a day. Woke up and started cleaning the house. After all that is what my mom taught me to do a growing up ad somehow it is ingrained in me. Then J & S stopped by and I gave them a tour of the home and they helped me move my SFG box to the appropriate place in the yard. (It is very heavy to move on your own. Thank you!) Then we took a stroll to the farmer’s market the is literally right across the street from me and goes all year long. I had to take a picture of these as it brought me back to the Paris farmer’s market days.

Then I purchased little romaine lettuce, baby (bibb) lettuce, and spinach seedlings to plant. I eat tons of salad (one of my favorite foods) and love to juice spinach, which actually is my favorite food of all time. (Juiced, steamed, raw, creamed, you name it I love it.) And I bought some already grown romaine lettuce for this week. One head at the farmer’s market is the size of 3 or more at the grocery store. Talk about a steal!

Back home I started to roast some tomatoes and onions to make roasted tomato soup for the week.

Cut up and washed the lettuce for the week as well. It took four washing before the water ran clear. Of course I used my lettuce spinner that my sisters bought me. (Best gift ever!)

Cleaned out the frig, washed some dishes, then off to go mix the soil so that I can plant tomorrow (giving it time to rest and absorb the water). Plans for the rest of the day include studying, going for a jog, shower and then bbq tonight at friend’s house down the street.

All in all it was a good productive morning.

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