Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My favorite season

Can you believe it is Fall already? Last week the weather was scorching and this week I am wearing sweaters and scarves everyday. I love it! Fall means so much to me. First of all it brings joy to my heart as it is the kickoff of football season. (GO COWBOYS!) Second, for the cool brisk weather. Now I am not talking about snow and piling on every piece of clothing you own, but that cool brisk where I drape on one of my pashminas (I have a collection) and button up my trench coat. The trees start changing color to that burnt orange and faded red. As you walk down the street you can smell fireplaces warming homes with the promise of hot chocolate. People stop rushing around so much and things in general seem more peaceful. It just all seems so magical to me.

In honor of the cool weather I have been heating up my food. I am currently eating oatmeal mixed in with a banana for breakfast, which is slowing warming my tummy. Soups! Tons and tons of soups! Now I admit, I love soup so much that I will eat it all year long including in the dead of summer, but they taste so much better as you are holding that hot cup to harm up your hands and the steam is tickling your frozen nose. A couple weeks ago I gave into temptation and bought myself and immersion blender and boy do I not regret that purchase. I have made pureed cauliflower soup (one of my favorites), berry smoothies, and used it for other odds and ends. I plan on using it all season and even winter long to make some more soups. I even plan on, wait for it, making broccoli soup with it. Did I just hear a gasp? Yes, my least favorite vegetable of all times, broccoli ("Vile weed!"), will be the main ingredient in one of my fall soups. Now you must understand something about me, I will eat things I do not like because I know they are healthy. I will eat things that look terrible because I have to try it once. And yes, I have been making myself eat broccoli on occasion and after that broccoli I had straight from someone's garden when I was visiting San Luis Obispo I decided it is not as terrible as it once was. What can I say, I am adventurous. Did I just hear a snicker? Well regardless, I hope my love of Fall and obsession with soup inspires you to add a few new things to your repertoire that you normally wouldn't have. Branch out and try it. Who knows, you may like it.


  1. Fall is my favorite season too, even if it doesn't carry the same punch way down here in San Diego. I'm super happy to see all the kaboucha squash hit the markets - they make a lovely squash soup or bisque that's also sure to tickle that frozen nose.

  2. I think that bond that you and Jeremy had with the hatred of broccoli has just dissappated. :) He won't even eat w/ smothered with queso sauce.