Thursday, October 15, 2009

The ups and downs of today

Well I took my second section of the CPA exam today. It is a 5 hour test and just the next hurdle in my life that I need to jump over. I wanted another week to study as I was two weeks behind due to expired software but it would cost me an additional $107.33 to reschedule or $250 to re-take it. Everyone around me said to just take it and so I ignored my instinct and took it. (I have a habit of doubting myself which I am trying to work on but apparently failed in this test.) Speaking of failing tests, that is sure what it felt like when I left the testing facility this morning. Just a heavy, pit of my stomach feeling that I just wanted to rush back in the doors and say "I can do better, I promise!" but there would be no point. I study until I can't focus or read anymore. I study and memorize things that are not even on the test and things that are on the test my book neglected to even address. Ugh! Just a bad feeling, but...I did take it. I took a risk, am prepared for the consequences, either good or bad.

I decided the test is done and over with (for now) and I just need to focus on the positive. So what did I do? I went home and cooked and cleaned and am taking the day off before flying back down south to visit with an old client and family. I waited for a pause in the rain (something I am not used to being from Southern California) and went out and planted my seedlings. Apparently you can fit 9 spinach plants in one square foot. Unfortunately I only had 6 seedlings so I am going to go buy some seeds and try from scratch on my own. But they are planted and I really hope they grow and flourish and nourish. And look, I had already forgot about that stupid test and you will too once you see my lovely pictures. (And yes, I will put the dividers in soon.)

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