Monday, November 30, 2009

Restaurant Review - Boulettes Larder

Continuing my San Francisco postings (I told you there would be quite a few) I am giving you my restaurant review for Boulettes Larder. Where to start?

Location: Ferry Building, San Francisco, CA

Decor: An open air restaurant. Walking in you pass by a table and bookshelf that display herbs, wheat, and other fine culinary cooking items. You can choose to sit at café tables in the hall just outside of the restaurant or sit at the "family table" which is a large table that sits about 12 people inside the establishment. Aside of the family table is the kitchen, literally. You can sit and watch the chefs prepare each meal with what appeared to be skillful perfection. The table runner down the family table was dolloped with seasonal pumpkins and squash.

Staff: The staff had to be one of the friendliest staff out there. Our server Teddy was amazing, knowledgeable, funny, easy going yet very attentive. My sister and I even got to exchange some conversation with a few of the chefs working at the time who were also so nice and humble about their amazing food.

Food: Can't get much better than this. (They believe in the Slow Food movement which also might explain why everything was so good as the food was in season and fresh.) My sister and I split the bl Vegetarian Salad (menu changes almost everyday) which consisted of arugula, delicata squash, quinoa, broccoli rabe, and a delicious dressing. I all but licked my plate. If I could have this everyday for lunch during the fall/winter I would. As if that was not enough I also got a dessert. My sister got a berry crumble of some kind which she absolutely loved, but I HAD to get the Almond Torte with poached quince and lemon cream. The flavors of this dessert were out of this world. Each item in-and-of-itself would have been amazing on its own but combined with was one of the best desserts I have ever eaten.

So can you guess that I loved this place? I would got back here every time I am in SF and recommend that you go to. Of course they offer tons of meat dishes as the name "Boulettes Larder" does translate to "Store room for little meatballs" for those of you who eat meat. :-)

Teddy, our server, is the one in the background of the beverage shot.

A picture of my delectable lunch.

Left: two of the chefs testing and glazing ham. (Woman on right is Amaryll Schwertner.)
Right: I think this might be one of the owner's dog. Very friendly.

I left you with the last thing I tasted wanted you to enjoy too.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

My first SFG Salad

So I did my first harvest from my SFG.

Call me biased, but it was the best lettuce I think I have ever had.

As for my update, I first need to start off with the story of the attack. Tuesday morning I walked outside to check on my garden and it had been attacked! An animal that apears to be bigger than a cat decided to leave shat in the middle of my garden and uprooted some plants in the process. (I hope you don't mind that I did not take a picture of said shat.) I cleaned up my garden and tried to salvage the damaged plants. One of my beets was is currently under close observation.

All four of my spinach seeds have sprouted! I am going to let them keep going until I feel their root system is more established before I transplant them. All other plants seem to be doing well (with the exception of the above mentioned beet) so that is all for now.

More salads and news next week.

Friday, November 27, 2009


So remember when I had my Bacon Donut in San Francisco a while back? Well one of the places mentioned on the Bacon show was a place in San Francisco called Boccalone. I got to go see the store at the Ferry Building this past weekend. I told my middle sister about it and showed her a picture of the owner Chris Cosentino which was in front of the store talking about his recently aired show on the Food Network called Chef vs City. The next day we were walking around the market place again for the Saturday morning farmer's market when she said to me, "Hey, isn't that guy over there the chef/owner you were telling me about?" I turned and saw him and had to go get a picture. (Dang it, I knew I should have dressed up, done my hair, or something. You never know who you are going to meet when you are out.) Needless to say I scurried over and told him he inspired me to have a bacon donut and would he mind if I took a picture? He was so nice (and cute I might add) and let me take a picture. Is it wrong that I have seen move stars walking down the street, worked out in the same gym with NBA players, and this doesn't phase me, but when I see a chef that I like or think is cool I get all giddy? I guess you just never grow up. Anyway, here is my picture with him.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

SF Ferry Building Market Place

So I have been to San Francisco a million times for business. Unfortunately when you are there for business you don't get to see a lot the town has to offer during the day. One of the things I really missed out on seeing was the Ferry Building Market Place. Fortunately I got to check it out with my sister!

The Ferry Building Market is like a Chelsea Market (New York) but on the West Coast. Tons of great shops with fresh organic food. Great little restaurants and even a Sur La Table for your cookware needs. I could have spent the whole day there. Here are a couple shots I took. Many of the businesses there are famous and the buzz is worth it. I will have a short post about Boccalone in a couple of days which is also a shop located in the market. Enjoy the pics!


Monday, November 23, 2009

Back in San Francisco

So my middle sister had to be in San Francisco for business this past week/weekend so of course I went down to see her. (Weird saying down than up.) I am going to be doing a string of posts as I took way too many pictures for just one. Here is a post of a few places we went. Enjoy!

I was really confused about the "San Gluten Free" Is it suppose to be "Sans Gluten" or "Gluten Free"? Or were they going to the double negative and saying it was laced with gluten? Ha!

Some fun food items we saw walking through China Town.

My sister had never been to Pier 39 so of course we had to go. The seals did not disappoint.

The boat was called the Blue Marlin which has special meaning to my sisters, myself and T.