Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Adults can have lunch boxes too

Man, I remember as a kid hating that my mom made us use these tupperware boxes and containers to take our lunch to school when it was so cool to have the paper sack that you threw away. Now as an adult I can appreciate the reusable containers and have stepped it up a bit. My sister and I found this cool adult lunch box from The Container Store when we were on our way to the San Diego Wild Animal Park about a year and a half ago (I miss my annual pass) and I am still using the little guy. It has a whole separate section when you have your sandwich and then closes off from the other two sections for your sides so that your sandwich does not get soggy. Genius!

Today I used it to make an old classic from when I was a kid. A whole wheat tortilla with almond butter (instead of peanut butter) and a cut up apple. Yummy! And the extra apple that didn't fit into the tortilla was a side in the other little compartments. Don't be too jealous.

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