Monday, November 23, 2009

Back in San Francisco

So my middle sister had to be in San Francisco for business this past week/weekend so of course I went down to see her. (Weird saying down than up.) I am going to be doing a string of posts as I took way too many pictures for just one. Here is a post of a few places we went. Enjoy!

I was really confused about the "San Gluten Free" Is it suppose to be "Sans Gluten" or "Gluten Free"? Or were they going to the double negative and saying it was laced with gluten? Ha!

Some fun food items we saw walking through China Town.

My sister had never been to Pier 39 so of course we had to go. The seals did not disappoint.

The boat was called the Blue Marlin which has special meaning to my sisters, myself and T.

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