Thursday, November 19, 2009

I think it is a sign

On nights that I have nothing planned I like to go read at a local coffee shop or else go to a bookstore and peruse. (I admit I keep going to Borders and reading The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone until my library has it ready for me. If I really like the book and will read it again I end up buying it after reading it from the library.) Well the other day I was looking on and it kept recommending this book for me. The next night I was walking around Borders and skimming some books when I looked up and saw the book Amazon kept telling me I would like. I wasn't quite sold. Then, about a week or so later I was reading a food blog I follow and the writer said that she her favorite book was the one that kept appearing before me. Well is a fluck, twice is a coincidence, three times is a sign. So I signed online to my library and requested it. Low and behold it came in today and I picked it up during my study session (I got to the library almost daily to study). As I was about to eat my carefully prepared lunch I starting flipping though the pages. I have to say, this book might be amazing! It is called Chez Panisse Vegetables by Alice Waters. It goes in alphabetically order of vegetables and offers delectable recipes for each. I say delectable despite having made or tasting them yet because you can just tell from reading the ingredients and cooking techniques. Just wanted to wet your appetite before I try out the recipe. I will post some pics and review once said recipe has been made.

So after all of that I remember that she also did the intro for another book I was looking at about the slow food movement. Then, after talking to my oldest sister she reminded me that I knew about Alice Waters as she started the Edible Schoolyard. That is right! I talked to my sisters about what I thought was my idea back when I lived in Dana Point and she had informed me that someone else had already thought of it. (Darn.) I thought that was such a great idea and wish I had been part of that when I was in school. But you are never too old to be a student which is why I have started my square foot garden this year and am growing my own vegetables. Update on the garden coming soon!

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