Saturday, November 28, 2009

My first SFG Salad

So I did my first harvest from my SFG.

Call me biased, but it was the best lettuce I think I have ever had.

As for my update, I first need to start off with the story of the attack. Tuesday morning I walked outside to check on my garden and it had been attacked! An animal that apears to be bigger than a cat decided to leave shat in the middle of my garden and uprooted some plants in the process. (I hope you don't mind that I did not take a picture of said shat.) I cleaned up my garden and tried to salvage the damaged plants. One of my beets was is currently under close observation.

All four of my spinach seeds have sprouted! I am going to let them keep going until I feel their root system is more established before I transplant them. All other plants seem to be doing well (with the exception of the above mentioned beet) so that is all for now.

More salads and news next week.

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  1. You were probably visited by a raccoon....or more likely a family of them. The lettuce is beautiful!