Thursday, November 12, 2009

Update on the garden

Oh man, oh man! So almost every square foot of my Square Foot Garden has been planted. All four of my golden beets have sprouted. Hurray! The 4th one just barely popped its head out but it is there and alive.

I have not one but TWO sprouted cauliflowers. I planted 4 more in the next row. I started the seeds in a damp paper towel then put it in a plastic baggy and blew in some CO2 into it to give it a head start just like I did in first grade. Amazing how those fun little things you did in class as a kid are still applicable as an adult.

Last but not least, TWO of the four spinach seeds have sprouted. I wonder if I should have planted them indoors to keep the soil warmer? I have no idea but that sounds good only I don't have too many sunny spots indoors to get natural sunlight to them.

Only ONE of the two butternut squash have sprouted, but I am holding on. I just wonder why it is taking so long for my seeds to sprout? Too late in the season? Bad seeds? Inexperience? I guess it is just God's way of teaching me to have more patience. Until next time!


  1. It's winter time, the days are short and the weather is cool. When we get that warm spell in late January or early February, that we get every year, your lettuce, spinach and cauliflower will grow more quickly. I'm not sure you can grow butternut squash now...the frost may kill that. I live just south of you in San Anselmo.

  2. Good to know, thank you. My sister also suggested that I not just plant the seeds outside but start them indoors where it is warmer and perhaps to put a plastic covering on at night for my outdoor plants. Oh goodness, I hope my squash survives!