Thursday, December 10, 2009

Delicata Squash Anyone?

So...ever since eating that amazing salad from Boulettes Larder I haven't been able to get delicata squash out of my head. I finally gave in and stopped by my local grocery store to see if they sold them and guess what? They did! I bought two (they aren't too big). I am going to roast them and make my own salad with them with my home grown lettuce. Didn't grown any broccoli rabe...this season at least. Here are a few fun facts that I bet you didn't know about delicata squash:

1. The skin is edible! The thin skin can be cooked and eaten unlike most of the squash out there that need to be peeled.
2. This squash is described as having the flavor of sweet potatoes and corn.
3. It is available to eat all year round! But it is noted that it is best in December and January.
4. It is typically smaller that what you think of when you say "squash" as it runs between 5-10 inches long.
5. One cup of cooked squash is only 100 calories!
6. Not only contains vitamins A & B, but also vitamin C.
7. Last and most important, I am going to save and dry the seeds to plant some for my own garden!

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