Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Healthy Recipes

So after getting home from Tahoe it became apparent to me that I would have to go grocery shopping ASAP as I could not merely live off of almond butter, brown rice, and tea, tempted as I might be. Around this epiphany I looked down at my pitiful stack of mail and saw my new Fitness Magazine waiting to be thumbed through. I skimmed the pages and came across a section of healthy meal ideas that they suggested you use for a month. The ideas consisted of 7 breakfasts, 13 snacks (suggested 2 a day), 7 lunches, and 7 dinners. Some of the recipes had meat so immediately they were out, but there were some veggie meals that actually sounded decent. So with pen and paper in hand I made up my grocery list for meals for the week.

Admittedly I am not going to be having the snacks they suggest as they are things like 100-calorie pack of kettle corn with peanuts or 3 mini glazed donuts, basically things I would not regularly eat and would not want to start eating. For snacks I opted for apples, almond butter, and bananas. I did, however, stick to the other new recipes verbatim and was seriously surprised how much I liked them. Did I mention one of the lunches uses veggie burgers as the main ingredient? Have I ever told you about my first experience with a veggie burger several years ago? Here is how the story goes.

Dad: I just bought these veggie burgers from Costco. I had one for lunch today. You have to try one.

Me: Veggie burgers? You? Why?

Dad: They looked good so I thought I would give it a try. (This must be where I get it from.)

Me: Ok. Wait, you already had one?

Dad: Oh yea, I had one for lunch. Just heat it up in the microwave. Try adding ketchup to it.

Me: Alright. (Heat it up, ketchup on side just in case. Take a bite. Continue to spit it out.)
That was awful!!! No amount of ketchup will help that piece of cardboard. You liked it?

Dad: No. I just wanted you to taste it too.

Me: To share in your misery?

Dad: (chuckling) Yes. I am not buying those again.

Oh dad! Luckily the veggie burger market has grown in taste and variety since this event. I opted for the Black Bean Chipotle variety which has intense great flavor. I might just start buying them to have in the house at all times. So glad I tried these new recipes! Yummy!

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