Saturday, December 5, 2009

SFG Update

Several salads later, update is as follows:

6 heads of romaine lettuce - several salads made
6 heads of bibb (butter) lettuce - 2 salads made. I think these would be better as wraps than salads. Also, some sort of creature seems to be feasting on some leaves and I can't find the dastard. When I do, death to him!
1 butternut squash has sprouted. Need to germinate a new one...soon.
4 golden beets have sprouted, one looks to be struggling still.
5 cauliflower have sprouted and are going strong. The one I thought had not sprouted might have been planted with another so there is the possibility of 6 cauliflowers!
6 spinach are doing well but are slow going. And all four seedlings have sprouted! I am leaving them in the seedling container until the roots are more established.


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