Monday, January 25, 2010

Excited about Monday!

Before you start thinking I am a chipper morning person, let me explain why I was happy today was Monday. Even though it is January 25th I am treating it as the beginning of February. I have set a few goals for myself for this month and can't wait to get them accomplished.

1. I am going to start studying and take my next CPA test. It is the longest section but I really want to get it done.
2. No tv. I had gone months without watching tv and I have noticed others around me influences and I started watching shows I never would have on my own. Instead when I am not studying I will be reading a book or working out.
3. Read two books this month. I went a little crazy with books in January but I did take my test and took some time off so I had time to read.

4. Finish my Nike challenge for February which is only 50 miles, but still, I need to finish it and make it more of a priority.
5. No going out to eat. I don't have the money to do it and I feel better when I make my healthy food.
6. Make a recipe from my new Vegetarian Times magazine! (I finally got my first issue and it has promise.)

7. Write all of my thank you notes. Check! Ha. I did this last night so I am already done with one thing on the list.

Goodness, I was so excited to start MY February this morning that I got to the coffee shop to study at 7:15 and only because I chose to make my breakfast and lunch to go. Ok, back to work. Hope you have an inspired Monday.


  1. I'll be most interested in what you think of The Glass Castle. I had a strong reaction to it and its author.

  2. I would love to hear your thoughts. I just started the book yesterday but so far it has me captivated. I will post a review sometime soon (when I have finished reading).