Thursday, January 28, 2010

Friends help, not hinder

So I got the new issue of Fitness Magazine in the mail yesterday and as I was flipping through it I came across a few quotes I wanted to share.

“Frenemies? Fifty-one percent of women say their family and friends unintentionally sabotage their weight-loss effort.”

“Is your friend making you fat? How mush you eat depends on your dinner date: Women consume about 60 percent more food when dining with a thin girlfriend who has a large appetite, as opposed to eating with an overweight friend. “Seeing a thin person eat large amounts compels you to do the same; you think if she can eat that much and stay small, you can too,” says Brent McFerran, Ph.D., assistant professor of marketing at the University of British Columbia in Canada. To dodge temptation, dine with health-conscious friends. “You’ll help one another make better food choices,” McFerran says. Or split an entrĂ©e and a dessert—hard to be influenced when your portion sizes are identical.

These got me thinking of when I go out to eat with people and they hassle me or try not to let me look at the nutrition content of food. It is quite frustrating and I want to say, “Hey, just because you don’t care about what you eat doesn’t mean you can make me act the same way.” Or the family member who knows your weakness and buys those items to have in the house. I just want to say, “Are you purposefully trying to make me fat?” Next situation that came to mind was when I was down south visiting friends and family how I met up with my friends Christina and Lisa for dinner one night and they suggested a vegetarian place. How great! They are health-conscious people too and they knew that I am a practicing modified-vegetarian and wanted to support my choice to eat that way. It just made me glad to have those people in my life and I just need to speak up and keep fighting for myself in the other situations I come across. I love healthy food and want to continue on the right path for my health.
(L to R: Lisa, Christina, me, St. Patty's Day in San Diego, 2007)

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