Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It would take a miracle

Miracle Max: Have fun stormin' da castle.

Valerie: Think it'll work?

Miracle Max:
It would take a miracle.

As will the comeback of my square foot garden, take a miracle. GASP! (For those who don't know what the quote is from, you must not have seen The Princess Bride.)

So after being gone a week for Christmas I headed outside to check on my garden and all I can say is TOTAL DESTRUCTION. It looked horrible. Bugs hate the life out of my lettuce and spinach.

A large animal, possible a raccoon or opossum dug up every other plant I had growing besides the spinach seedlings. I of course was extremely sad, but not devastated. You see, I knew that this was my first attempt at gardening would have it ups and downs. I was expecting more downs and it finally came. What did I expect being gone so long?

But I am not giving up on what I have left. I have to rip out the lettuce and spinach as they are just dead. As i used my hands to rack the soil I came across 3 or four cauliflower that still had roots slightly attached and I immediately replanted them and am hoping for the best. I also managed to find three beets that are pretty iffy but I am trying to save them. I will keep you updated as time goes on. Here's to hoping, praying, and luck!

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  1. At least you got to have some great salads from your garden first! And you will again.