Thursday, January 7, 2010

My mom has joined the Nike challenge!!

Ever since getting the Nike+ Chip back in 2006 my sisters and I have always been in a Nike challenge with the exception of down time for injury. Last year my sisters challenged themselves to run 1,000 during the year or roughly 20 miles every week without room for sickness or vacation. They completed it and I am so proud of them despite one sister not having a working iPod to track her running all throughout the time in Paris. This year we are doing 50 miles a month challenge where it is a new challenge each month so that if you are behind one month it won’t haunt you the rest of the year. Well there are about 10 or so of us on board for the challenge including my mom!
My mom is one of the most selfless people on this planet and last year every second of her free time was spent taking care of others. While she is still helping out others she realizes she will be a better, stronger, happier person if she takes a little time to take care of herself too. My sister decided to give her a little nudge in the right direction and gave her an early birthday present and bought her the Nike Sport Band. Nothing like a little family Nike challenge to keep you accountable to take care of yourself as the challenge shows your progress for the whole team to see (and trash talk which is my favorite feature).

Yes I did take a screen shot of me winning the LA to SF challenge. Bragging rights!

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