Thursday, February 25, 2010

In summary...

Ok, so it is not quite the end of February, but it is for me. I took test #4 on Tuesday and will get my results to both test #3 and test #4 in March. (Prayers are welcome and encouraged.) After my test I headed to San Francisco to meet up with some old friends and then we hopped on BART and went to watch the WARRIORS game. (Unfortunately they lost, but it was still good times.) Came back to Santa Rosa and am leaving to go to a Crab Feed Friday for the Soroptimist Society and then off to Tahoe for the weekend with family. So you see, my February has come to a close.

Checklist for the goals:
1. Well I studied and I took the exam. Thank goodness that is over with! I felt a lot better about test #4 than I did about test #3 which I am thinking I might need to retake, but we shall see come mid to late March.

2. No TV since January 12th (with the exception of the gym). Somehow over the past month TV has become less and less appealing. I enjoy reading my books and have noticed I go to the gym more often and stay longer now. The Olympics are great to watch of course, but with the exception of about 2 shows on the air, I could care less about TV. But it is nice to have that freedom again to watch mindlessness if I chose so.

3. I think we all know that I have read more than 2 books this month despite my gruesome study schedule. :-) (Currently reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson.)

4. Not only did I finish the Nike+ challenge, but I was the first one done and that was only February 16th! I am still running, but not as much as I am trying to do more weights, biking, and yoga to have a balanced workout life.

5. I did not go out to eat all month with the exception of being taken out to dinner where I ordered a veggie burger, but I didn't pay and was kind of a passenger so I was just along for the ride. (Thank you Bear Republic for offering veggie burger substitutes. You are awesome!)

6. I obviously have tried a few new recipes this month. Actually, I have tried quite a few but of course my favorite was this one.

I will write more late, but let me just say, I am at a crossroad in my life in which I cannot really move forward for the next month due to waiting on my test results. I have already started looking for jobs in certain cities and in certain industries, but again I can't do too much with ones I might come across until I get my results. To quote Tom Petty, "the waiting is the hardest part" but I know I can get through it and plan to fill up my March to keep busy and enjoy the time off. Hope you all are doing well and keep on keeping on. Until next post.

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  1. I find the same thing with TV, that there are so many better uses of my time. You really did have a full February. Enjoy your return to Tahoe. I loved that family holiday video your sister produced.