Friday, February 12, 2010

Meat(less) Sub Sandwich

Well I tried a recipe from Veganomicon for Beanball Sub Sandwiches and here are the pictures. Side note, the lighting in the kitchen is the worst ever so the pictures are the best I could do since no natural light gets in. Grrr...

Cookbook review:
They have a lot of fun, new, and interesting recipes. I do have two criticisms though. 1) Several of their ingredients are what I call "vegan" ingredients and aren't in an everyday household like wheat gluten, arrowroot powder, etc but it is a vegan book and I found suitable substitutes for a few items. 2) Each recipe seems to have three recipes in it. For instance one ingredient will be a recipe of page 189 and another ingredient will be a recipe on p. 166, etc. I like recipes that have few ingredients and when you total up the actual ingredients per recipe it is 30+. Yikes! But...they are different and I do have on hand a lot of what is called for in the recipe so I couldn't get me feathers too ruffled this time.

Yea for trying new genres, cookbooks, and recipes!

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