Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Progress Report

So I wanted to give you an update on where I am so far on my goals for February.

1. Study and take the next CPA test.
I signed up and am pretty much on schedule for taking the exam. It is amazing the hours each day I am pulling to get this done, but it is set in motion and I am scheduled to take it on the 23rd.

2. No tv.
Technically I have kept to this. I say technically because despite my roommate efforts to get me to watch tv at home I have stayed strong and go into the other room to study, read, or be productive in some other way. Now technically I have watched tv because it is on at the gym. And yes, twice now I strategically planned to work out while say the State of the Union Address was on as well as the LOST premier. (Yes, 3 hours at the gym when LOST was one. I was tired the next day!) Also, as football is kind of a religion of mine I did watch the Super Bowl. But that is all. Gym tv does not count.

3. Read two books this month.
I finished "The Glass Castle" in January so that didn't count. I am currently reading "Eating Animals" by Jonathon Sarfan Foer and "Diary of An Exercise Addict" by Peach Friedman. I am almost done with both and it is only the 9th. Perhaps this is why my eyes are hurting. With studying all day and then reading more I might need to give them more of a break.

4. Finish the February Nike Challenge.
Despite losing a run, I am already half way finished. Woohoo! I need to finish before the 26th as I will be out of town those days and there is no guarantee that I will get it done. So I am on schedule and my legs sure feel it.

5. No going out to eat.
I have not gone to a restaurant but my roommate did bring back vegetable pizza and I had some. I am not counting it.

6. Make a recipe from Vegetarian Times Magazine.
Well I technically did as the chili recipe in this issue was almost exact to the the chili I made this past weekend. So instead, I have broadened the scope and now I can make it from Vegetarian Times of perhaps two of the books I just picked up from the library. (I already grocery shopped for 2 recipes in the book.) :-)

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