Monday, February 1, 2010

A quick glimpse at my running....

So, I never thought that I was going to be able to finish the January Nike+ Running Challenge but another Christmas Miracle (sure, why not) happened and I did it!

Ok, ok, so if you must know what kind of a brat (and how slightly competitive) I am, I calculated how many miles I would need to do on the final day to beat my sister who was in first place and ran those miles! Moo ha ha ha (evil laugh)

On that note, you might also want to hear that I told both of my sisters and my middle sister took it upon herself to beat ME right before the challenge ended! Granted, the challenge was only for us to do 50 miles for the month (30 of which I did in the last week), but still, I like being at the top! (Noted: other sister decided to also upload 5 more miles adding more salt on the wound.)

February challenged started today, and you might remember from my post (#4 on the list) that I set a goal to finish this one. The lying weather man said it was going to rain all day but there was not one drop that hit the ground! So with that I went down to the track to run intervals. My pace is less than steller and I want to improve it, thus the interval is as important as the miles I do. But..... I had less than two miles down when this super scary track team decided to trample all around me and intimidate me and run me off the track! Ok, so they didn't quite do that, but I was slightly intimidated by the 20+ people who started running with me so I decided to call it a day and resolved to go on the treadmill tomorrow when it is suppose to rain again. (Eyebrow raised in doubtful look.)

All I can say is that the last few runs before today I was getting a runners high and it encouraged me to keep going and get better. I think running is becoming fun again.

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