Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Turned out differently...

So last night I was kicking back and catching up on some blogs when I noticed someone had said, “have to go watch Lost now.” I chuckled thinking, oh they got the day wrong, that sucks. Not two minutes later I read another person’s post that they were going to go watch Lost as well. WHAT?! I quickly checked and it said that Tuesday night was a new episode. Crap! It said 8 pm and it was 7:45pm. You see, I am only allowed to watch tv if I am at the gym and well I was 15 minutes away and not quite dressed for the occasion.

I whipped into workout clothes faster than you can say “Bob’s you uncle” and was out the door (abiding the traffic laws of course). I got to the gym and saw that it had just started. Treadmill #1, sound was out, treadmill #2 same, treadmill #3 was just right. I was a little sore and had wanted to take Tuesday off but Lost cannot be rescheduled. As it turns out last week’s episode started at 8pm and the new episode started at 9pm. So two hours later on the treadmill….yep, I stayed for the two hours. But hey, I got to watch Lost.

Today I was suppose to go for a 4-mile run for training for a half marathon, but I really wasn’t feeling it. I iced my knees earlier as they were bothering me and my legs felt a little sore. I wasn’t devoid of energy but I wasn’t exactly pumped either. After much deliberation and a quick consult from my sisters I decided to take the evening off (even if it means missing the hard day of training) and listen to my body.

Instead I decided to sit back and relax. I got a bottle of wine from BevMo, poured myself a glass (I usually never drink alone) and snuggled up to the novel I finally got from the library. Perhaps I will turn in early. Who knows? I guess I am just trying to listen to my body and take a day off. Hope you enjoyed your evening. Cheers!

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