Tuesday, March 30, 2010

5am challenge

So I am going to update y'all on my life.

1. Back to the drawing board. I am studying for my 4th test. I passed 3 out of 4; the one I did not pass was the one I took right after Christmas and missed by one point. It was the hardest test and I kind of wish I really bombed it because it hurt pretty badly to only miss by one point. But live and learn and start over again. I have been re-doing the hundreds of questions and so far I am getting them ALL correct which is quite frustrating and shows I knew my material but the circumstances around taking the test effected me too much and now I need to pay another $250 dollars and take that wretched test again. Errrr

2. I am switching up my exercise routine. I had been looking into trying the P90X videos and just started doing them. Soreness does not do justice to how I feel. The first couple of days if I coughed or sneezed my stomach muscles rebelled. Ouch, but a good ouch. Also, according to the diet guide I am suppose to be eating 1,000 MORE CALORIES than I am currently eating. How is that even possible?! I have upped my calories for now and we shall see how it goes.

3. 5am Challenge. "But the sun doesn't rise until 7am?!" Yes, this is true, and boy do I hear ya. But the thing is when I was down south I went running with my sisters at 5am and my friends went to spinning class at 5am and I thought, hmm, what if I tried getting up and working out in the morning and see how the rest of my day flows? Then I was talking to a friend and he told me about this article about a guy who did his own 5am challenge. My fiend said he wanted to try it out. And, well, we are both slightly competitive and both trying the P90X videos that of course we made a challenge out of it. I am on day 2 of the 5am challenge and day 4 of P90X. This might be a painful month.

4. I am looking at my options for the future and jobs in the City (San Francisco). I have been going there a lot and it reminds me how much I love it there and how I have always wanted to live in SF so I am trying to make it happen, when the timing is right. (Man, I wish I had passed that darn test the first time.)

5. Still a vegetarian, or pescatarian I guess is the correct term.

6. Getting ready to plant my spring/summer veggies. Oh man, I can't wait. Organic vine-ripe tomatoes....sooooo goooood.

That is all for now.

Now, back to studying. :(

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