Saturday, March 27, 2010

My bff the grocery store

Ok, I just had to share this. You know when you go to the grocery store and you know exactly what you want and what you want happens to be on sale? Well my whole list was on sale! It was crazy. I got amazing red snapper for $3.99 a pound. A bunch of broccoli rabe for $2.50. Artichokes, asparagus, tomatoes, bananas, oranges, it was great! I got out of there with great food for only $25. And there were 4 servings of snapper!

I had a fest last night with the snapper and broccoli rabe (tastes to much better than broccoli) and man was it good, cheap, and healthy too!

What luck! Unfortunately I used my luck on the grocery store and not the lotto ticket my friend and I split. Darn it. Oh well, I will take what I can get. Good Friday night and hopefully an even better Saturday. Have fun!

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