Thursday, April 1, 2010

An early update

I must apologize for my last post and the grammatical errors. My sister called me and told me about them. (Thank you!) I know I should proof read, but sometimes I just type furiously and hit "publish". Also, I was super tired from the 5am challenge.

You see, my body does not like 5am. I have a personal motto that states "No one should be up before the sun." :) It is not that I am a grumpster in the morning it is just that I like sleep and like being up when it is "daytime".

The first couple of days of the challenge were pretty hard. Around 9:30am I hit a wall and just wanted to sleep. On the 3rd day I took coffee around that time. Not the best idea considering I was not used to coffee and was seriously jittery the rest of the day, but it did help me to stay awake. Oh and then there was this see I turned my (5am!!!) alarm off, blinked, and POOF, it was almost 8am! Three hours later!! I guess I needed the sleep? Or my body was just rebelling against this insane challenge. Oh why did I not say 6am? Why, why why? Yes, now I am a grumpster.

On a positive note I like working out in the morning and getting it out of the way. But 5am has not convinced me to change my routine (yet) as I still like working out at night too. sister suggested nap time. Perhaps she is right...

Until next time.

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