Saturday, April 24, 2010

Garden Update

Well this weekend update is met with mixed reviews. Good and bad things appear to be happening in the garden this week. Here goes.

Currently in my SFG, sprouted: two cauliflower, three spinach, one bunch of basil, two golden beets, one yellow cucumber, one winter squash, two broccoli rabe, one regular cucumber, one beefsteak tomato, and one sugar daddy peas.

Now for the bit of bad news. One of the beets that was planted and one in a sprouting container appear to be dying. They are no longer growing and the stocks are wilting down and the leaves fell off. I am at a total loss for what I did wrong. Also, when I was taking pictures this morning I noticed one of my broccoli rabe was gone. It just disappeared; couldn't even find the roots! And the soil appeared to be undisturbed so I am really confused as to what happened to it. The other broccoli rabe is still there but one of its' leaves appeared to have been nibbled on. I am going to put pennies around that one in case it is a slug. Anyone have any clue as to what happened to the first broccoli though???

Also, my squash appears to be dying as well. It also had its' leaves munched on and I set out pennies, but it does not seem to be coming back. Waaa! I am going to give it more time.

Planted in pots, sprouted: four mesclun, one (dying) golden beet, one heirloom beefsteak tomato, one sugar daddy peas, three cucumber, tons of watercress, lupin, four cauliflower, two broccoli rabe, and one quinoa. Also, all of my herbs I planted have sprouted so yea to that good news.

I am just in limbo right now with my garden. Seeing what works, what doesn't, how to improve, and when to through in the towel. I just felt/feel like a failure on a handful of my crops and just don't know what I am doing wrong. Was I too ambitious to think I could start these all from seeds? Did I plant too late or too early? It the SFG soil combo really as great as it claims to be? Do I have perpetual brown thumbs and should just be thankful for farmer's markets? My one true pride right now are the two thriving cauliflower which were started from seed. I am anxious to see if they actually turn out and how they taste. Just trying to hold on to the positive for now.

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