Friday, April 16, 2010

It's alive!

So a while ago someone gave me a hydrangea plant from Trader Joe's and I had every intention of planting it. Well before I had a chance the plant just died on me. So sad. I set out in my backyard as I didn't just want to through it away. A month (or two) has passed since then and this week when I was working in the garden and cleaning out things I noticed the hydrangea had new growth. It came back from the dead! I decided to clear a spot in the yard and plant it. The soil is not quite porous enough, but I am taking a chance. Oh I do hope it grows into a nice big, lovely bush and that I can enjoy the flowers whether outside or cut on the table or in my bedroom. Oh please, please grow big and strong for me!

On another note...cats. I love animals, with the exception of birds, but those darn neighbor cats are messing up my square foot garden and using it as a giant litter box! Gross. And they messed up the ring of pennies I placed around m cauliflower to prevent slugs from getting to it for. I started doing a lot of research for organic, and non-cruel methods of keeping those vermin out. I didn't want a chemical spray anywhere near my veggie garden, and I didn't want to put cayenne or red pepper flakes in the soil as the animals have a very bad reaction and in extreme cases have been know to harm themselves due to it. I refuse to go into detail about that, but know that I was scarred reading the horrific stories. I found some more suitable ways researching and conversing with my local nursery such as: keeping the soil moist as they don't like wet soil, putting twigs or pokey things in or around the soil as it is too bothersome to get to the soil, spray citrus spray as for some reason they don't like the smell, or put coffee grounds in or around the soil as they don't like the smell and the coffee grounds are good for your soil. These helped me out tons and hopefully they will help you too if the need be.

I started trimming roses from the rose bushes and placing them around my house. They smell so good unlike the new genetically modified ones people buy that just look pretty but have no smell. What's the point of that? Roses are one of best smells on Earth besides coconut, vanilla, coffee, and rain.

Lastly, no growth yet for my avocado trees, but they do take a while so I am practicing patience.

I am so excited to see how they plants do and am watching them everyday with baited breath. They is just something so peaceful and rewarding about gardening. As much as I enjoy being clean, something about being in the dirt outside gives me a real sense of joy and calm and clears my mind. off to check on my garden once more! Hope you are having a great day!

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