Sunday, April 11, 2010

My gardening projects are growing

(yes, pun intended)

1. Mow and clear the back yard.
60% finished and waiting for the rain to stop so I can do the rest.

2. Grow seedlings and plant my SFG.
Seeds I have start include: heirloom beefsteak tomatoes, golden beets, pea sugar daddies, cucumber, Serrano chilies, cauliflower, rainbow carrots, orange bell peppers, broccoli rabe, cilantro, chives, oregano, parsley, and basil. Need to get my mesclun planted and I am currently searching for watercress seeds.

3. Grow seedlings for my mother’s garden.
So last week I started my seeds for my Spring/Summer veggies. I was driving home from the library thinking about my garden when I passed a sign for Mother’s Day gifts. Somehow my thoughts got commingled and I thought what a great idea it would be to also start seeds for my mother and her backyard. I talked with my sisters and made it a plan. We are going out to weed and garden early in the morning and then do brunch. The weeding part will be quite an undertaking as her backyard is big and weeds love it there. Cool present idea huh? I have a month to get the plants growing and I sure hope that is enough time.

4. Create growing pots from newspaper.
Instead of buying those cardboard biodegradable ones I am going to make biodegradable ones out of old newspaper. I am also looking into the Burpee Seed Starting Kit but want to try the newspaper trick first.

5. Grow avocado plants.
I have been adding avocados to my salads lately and I finally decided to just do the old kid trick and start a seed in water. Avocado trees take anywhere from 7-15 years to start producing fruit. How crazy is that? I figured, well I will start two (for cross pollination) and eventually plant them somewhere (to be determined) that way one day there will be trees that people can get the fruit/vegetable from. Sure that person might not be me, but how cool would it be to discover an avocado tree somewhere and be able to get some heavenly green goodness for oneself? I figure I would put it out there in the world somewhere and maybe one day the avocado gods will return the favor. Yes, my roommate laughed at me, but I just thought it was a cool idea and took relatively little effort on my part.

6. Need to start the flowers that I am going to put around the house in the backyard.

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