Saturday, April 10, 2010

Plants, gardening, and weeds

I have come to realize that ones' view of when to mow the lawn greatly varies with which region they grew up in. I, for example, grew up in Southern California where if it has rained you do not mow the lawn because the grass is wet and you will have to stop and start constantly and continuously be emptying the lawn mower bag. This is not the case if you live in other regions, for example Northern California, where it rains a great deal more than in Southern California and you must mow through the rainy season. Needless to say, the backyard around my square foot garden had not been mowed in a while and it was out of control. The weather is warming up so I wanted to do an overhaul and clean it up to have dinner outside. Well, let me just say that I filled an entire huge trash can from the city and still have not finished the backyard.

Yes, that is quite ridiculous and no, I did not take a before picture because in my mind it wasn't that bad. It was, however, quite a workout and when I came in a guzzled a whole Nalgene (32 oz.) of water.

As for the rest of the gardening, I cleaned up weeds from the SFG and am hoping that cauliflower #2 will pull through after the stupid slugs eating it. Did I mention how many slugs I killed and how many spiders I let live? So many bugs in the backyard that I am second guessing why I ever started gardening.

Also being added to my garden soon are herbs. Mmm, there is nothing better than eating and cooking with fresh herbs. I bought a basil plant from Trader Joe's and am first going to sterilize a space in my SFG before transplanting. Also, I finally planted the seeds for my window herb garden and can't wait to utilize them. Have I mentioned to the extent I love cilantro? I haven't? Well I have to say cilantro is my favorite herb ever and I feel so sorry for the part of the population that has an enzyme in their mouth that adversely reacts to the herb because it is truly heavenly. Gringo Killer Sauce, Pico de Gallo, or just sprinkled over a nice dish of rice and beans. So many things to do with it. But, I digress.

Any way, I am going to continue to clean up the backyard, plant more Spring and Summer veggies, and keep on keeping on. Hope you have fun outside this weekend and are enjoying the weather.

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