Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Time to start a new garden

Yes, I still have my square foot garden despite not much being left in it at current. But it is early Spring and it is time to start planting. I am actually more excited to plant now than when I first made my square foot garden because the spring and summer veggies are my favorite!

I need to got get more seeds as I really only have my winter veggie seeds, but I do have two that I got started. I had a packet of golden beets that was a gift and a packet of heirloom beefsteak tomatoes that were from my sister. Now I must say that I did not plant these directly into the ground, but instead pulled the old grade school trick and put the seeds in a damp towel with some good old blown CO2 and sealed them up in a plastic baggy. The last seedlings I tried this trick with did great so why not try it again? :)

Other plants I am thinking about include: cucumbers, beans, peppers, lettuce, and melons. Also, perhaps some herbs and I might attempt to plant some flowers. :) We shall see!

Update: 5am hates me. I have even been going to bed around 9pm and still wake up exhausted and then around 9:30am have another wave of exhaustion. I am feeling tired all the time and I am becoming forgetful. I am not sure why I am reacting so negatively, but I am going to give it more time to adjust.

That is all for now. You have a great day and remember to pray for someone you love!

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