Monday, April 26, 2010

Who was that?

Okay, so my post on Saturday was a little negative. Who was that person? I have to say I had a bad morning with a few different things that went wrong and I just kept getting hit after hit. I ended up going on not one, but two walks on Saturday to try to clear my head and start over.

As for my garden, I walked to the farmer's market and talked to a guy selling plants there and told him my problems. One thing he told me is that the last frost used to be April 15th, but he thinks it is closer to May 1st. Colder weather could be stunting my plants growth and the lemon cucumber I was given might have been a bad seed all along. Sad. And yes, the slugs are attacking and copper or adding nitrogen to the soil would do the trick. Also, I read this fun fact of the day: "Fill a small bowl with stale beer. Put it in the areas where the slugs are active. Stale beer attracts the slugs and they drown. You may also use grape juice or a tea made from yeast, honey and water." Beer kills slugs! I love it.

Anyway, I went and got a few more supplies for my garden and am currently thinking of other ideas to keep the soil warm until the weather heats up. Funny as today it is going to be 71 degrees and then rain Tuesday and Wednesday. Why can't the weather make up its' mind and let my plants be? Ha! I just hope the seedlings I started for my mom make it.

Ok, that is all for now as I desperately need to get back to studying. So I will leave you with some random pictures take from the farmer's market. Enjoy!

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