Monday, May 17, 2010

Armstrong Woods

What did you do on Sunday? I hope it was as much fun as I had hiking and jogging through Armstrong Redwoods. It was perfect temperature and just gorgeous there. My roommate and I had talked about going for months now and I just decided if I want to do something I need to stop waiting on people and just go and do it myself. So I did. Armed with my camera, iPod, and keys I headed out into the unknown. I was originally planning on going jogging and tracking it via my Nike chip but I kept stopping to take pictures as I was trying out different white balance settings and the chip kept stopping so I gave up. Don't worry, I didn't actually listen to music there as the quiet of nature is one of the best sounds in the world and I wouldn't want to miss that!

I ended up going all over the place, directionless, but that is the best way to discover a some place new. Just wander, get lost, and find your way back. Fortunately each time I was truly lost a person just happened to be around when I needed directions. It was weird, but I almost felt that they were angels somehow looking out for me. Ever get that feeling? But as you can tell I made it back safely and felt the high of the hike/jog the rest of the day. I am definitely going back there sometime soon.

Here are some of the hundreds (seriously) of pictures I took. Enjoy!


  1. Beautiful pictures, thanks for taking us along for the walk!

  2. I love that place. Your pictures do it justice. It's a great alternative to the much more ballyhooed Muir Woods.