Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A day of food...

As I sit here looking through my stack of Vegetarian Times magazines for fun new recipes it dawns on me that I don't really consider myself a vegetarian. Yes, I stopped eating meat with the exception of eggs and some seafood, but I guess I just don't feel like a vegetarian. And whatever vegetarians look like, I am certain I don't fit the mold. Sorry, just random musing from me.

This past weekend I menu planned my dinners for the week and even decided to switch up breakfast a bit. Lunch is pretty standard as you will see. Anyway I thought it would be fun to take pictures and share with you my food from yesterday. Yesterday my meals were all from different ideas from Fitness Magazine with a few changes and improvises.

Let's start with breakfast. French toast with a berry sauce.

I could not tell you the last time I made or even ate French toast but man was it good and nutritious! I used two slices of Cinnamon Raise Bread, one egg, and one egg white for the toast. Cooked as usual. For the sauce I macerated some frozen berries with a teaspoon on sugar and poured over the toast. The original recipe said to have fruit and syrup but I would much rather berries than syrup and man was it tasty.

Lunch I had one of my old standbys, the Veggie Burger with some veggies on the side.

Around 3pm everyday I get really hungry so here is my snack. Orowheat Sandwich Thin with peanut butter and banana. It is amazing how this combo tasted like a dessert to me.

Now dinner was something new. Salmon with a mango-cilantro-jalapeƱo-salsa, accompanied by roasted potatoes and a side salad.

Potatoes get a bad wrap when in actuality they are quite healthy for you. Did you know that a medium potato is only 70 calories (less than an average slice of bread) and is packed with vitamin C and potassium. And not to mention the herbs they came with. Herbs are ridiculously nutritious. According to a podcast I listen to, The NutritionDiva, fresh oregano is 8 times higher in antioxidant capacity than spinach. How crazy is that?

So that was Monday of fun new foods. Can't wait to try the Grilled Portobello Tacos from Vegetarian Times tomorrow!

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