Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So many thoughts, so little time

You know how sometimes you have so many things going on that you just become overwhelmed and try not to think about any of them? Well I have had so many thoughts going on in my mind lately and I haven't felt like sitting down to blog because I feel that there was too much and I wouldn't know where to start and when to stop writing. So I will start with the simple things and hopefully keep it at that.

My last test is tomorrow. I have been studying tons but feel that my brain will no longer let me absorb any more information. I am going to try to go over notes today and then try to go for a bike ride or perhaps a run to clear my head and relax.

The 5am challenge morphed into the 6am challenge and I was a much happier camper. I am not sure why but my body fought me tooth and nail about 5am. No matter what time I went to bed if I got up at 5am I would be extremely tired during the day and have a hard time focusing and studying. When I changed to 6am (which was not too far off from when I usually got up) I found I felt much better. And guess what? I am still getting up at 6am every day.

The P90x I was originally doing at 5am switched to the afternoons because I get to the coffee shop at 7am every morning to start studying. They are great workouts and I have to say I love the Kenpo video, but I noticed I actually miss running a bit. I love exercising regardless of what it is, but with videos you are listening to instructions where with running you are only listening to yourself. I found that I really missed that meditation and ended up going running last week and felt a lot better. I enjoyed mixing up my workout routine, now I just need to find a happy balance.

I went camping this last weekend. I usually take the weekends off studying so I was not too stressed about going. (I actually brought my book and flashcards and went through them a few times when I was there to ease my mind.) The whole reason for the camping trip was to go support some friends who were competing in an Olympic triathlon at Lake San Antonio. We watched the full triathlon on Saturday which was so amazing to watch. The pros finished it in 4 hours! It was quite inspiring. The Olympic triathlon my friends competed in is 1.5m swim, then 40km bike, followed by 10k run. They finished in 3 hours which I think is pretty amazing and it was even their first time competing. It makes one think, whould I want to do a triathlon? Hmm...

Ok, I can keep typing forever with every thing going on in my little head, but I need to go back to studying and focus for tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!

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