Thursday, June 3, 2010

Challenge for June!

I know it is Think About It Thursday, but I couldn't help but post about my June challenge. Ready for this? Can you hardly contain the excitement you feel?? The challenge is to eat 1 cup of fruit of veggies with breakfast each day.
Now this might seem like a hard challenge, but really it isn't. For instance this morning with my egg-white omelet I had some grape tomatoes with an apple. When I make french toast I heat up some frozen berries and make a nature-sugar syrup. Or you can be like my uncle who is trying to eat a big salad every morning for breakfast after reading Born To Run. Or like my dad who throws a pound of fruits and veggies into his Vita-Mix for a weird yet delicious drink. I am not quite at the salad for breakfast stage and one day I hope to own a Vita-Mix, but 1 cup of fruits and/or veggies each morning with my breakfast is a start. You are then starting off your day with tons of vitamins and minerals and good healthy fiber to clean out your system. I hope you will join me for the June challenge. Do it, do it, do it!

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