Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day recap

I drove down south for Father's Day and of course had to start the trip off at my mother's house gardening. Little by little it is looking better. My mother just retired so she has been working on the backyard as well. I forgot to take pictures, but trust me, it looks better.

As for Father's Day my sisters and I pulled our efforts to make a huge dinner for my dad and other family members. We had originally planned on making lobster but the number of guests kept increasing so we switched it over to good old meatballs and a bunch of other stuff. Here's the menu:

Mostaccioli means "little mustaches" in Italian because it is penne with homemade sauce so it looks like little mustaches. And I found this blog post about cute napkins for Father's Day so of course I had to do it. It's all in the details. Also the menu does not list the garlic bread, but it was there as what is an Italian dinner without it. It was there and it was good. Here are a few pictures. We had a good time and the wine flowed for hours. Hope you all had a Happy Father's Day too!

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